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The Nutcracker

Our last performance of The Nutcracker was in the Winter of 2023 at the Esplanade Arts and Heritage Centre in Medicine Hat and the University Theatre in Calgary. Learn more about this ballet below!

Act I

It is Christmas Eve. The wealthy Dr. Stahlbaum is giving a party for his friends and their children. The children are dancing and playing in excited anticipation of the approaching Christmas festivities and of their presents. Suddenly the beautiful Seraphim appear and with a magic touch, they light the huge Christmas tree.

Drosselmeyer, an old friend of the family, arrives bringing the children gifts and amuses them by conjuring tricks. He gives Clara, his favourite, a Nutcracker doll which delights her. Her brother Fritz spitefully breaks it but Drosselmeyer mends it for her. After the party, the guests all leave and Clara becomes very tired and falls asleep with her new doll, the Nutcracker.

In her vivid dream a pack of mice appear trying to capture the Nutcracker, but Clara hurries to his rescue in an effort to distract them. An army of toy soldiers led by the Nutcracker who has come to life, battle against the mice and their leader the Mouse King. The Nutcracker falls. Clara, desperate to help, flings her shoe at the Mouse King and strikes him. He falls dead. Suddenly a transformation takes place, revealing the Nutcracker as a handsome Prince.

Photos provided by Larry Doucet and others

Act II

Together the Nutcracker (now changed into the Prince) and Clara are carried away to the enchanted land of sweets which magically changes into Clara’s own toy theatre, where she finds many of her favourite dolls brought to life.

The mood changes to one of happiness and everyone dances. As Clara’s dream closes, she is found still sleeping with her favourite doll, the Nutcracker. Drosselmeyer wakens her. All the guests have already left and the party has come to an end. Clara is left alone enthralled by the memories of her adventures.

Photos provided by Larry Doucet and others

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