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“Once upon a time……

King Florestan and his Queen are throwing a lavish party at the palace to celebrate the christening of their beautiful daughter, The Princess Aurora. All the nobles of the land arrive to join in the celebration. Beautiful fairies, bearing gifts bestowing the best character traits dance for the infant princess. Catalabutte, The Master of Ceremonies for the celebration, realizes too late that he has forgotten to invite the evil fairy Carabosse who arrives furious to the celebration.

In her anger, she curses Princess Aurora and proclaims that on her 16th birthday she will prick her finger on a spindle and die. As her gift to the princess, The Lilac Fairy alters the curse so that Aurora will not die, but will sleep for 100 years to be awoken by true love’s kiss. Carabosse is sent away by the King and he forbids the use of all sharp needles in the Kingdom on pain of death.

Years go by and preparations are made for Aurora’s 16th birthday. Catalabutte discovers women knitting in the courtyard with sharp needles. The King is furious and calls for their execution but the Queen convinces him to spare them. Aurora arrives and is presented to four Princes each seeking her hand in marriage. She dances with each one, in turn, and is presented a rose by each suitor.

Carabosse arrives at the party disguised as an old woman and gives Aurora a bouquet of flowers in which is hidden a spindle. The Princess pricks her finger and collapses. The Lilac Fairy casts a spell over the entire court and everyone falls into a deep sleep.

Prince Florimund is hunting in the forest, despondent that he has not found true love. The Lilac Fairy appears to him and tells him of the sleeping princess and the enchanted palace. She shows him a vision of Aurora and he falls in love with her as they dance in the forest. The Lilac Fairy and the prince board a magical boat in search of the Princess. When they arrive at the palace, Prince Florimund finds Aurora asleep on her bed and he awakens her with a kiss.

Princess Aurora and Prince Florimund are to be married and a splendid celebration is held at the palace. The Prince and Princess live happily ever after.

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