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The Sleeping Beauty

Our last performance of The Sleeping Beauty was in the Spring of 2019 at the Martha Cohen Theatre. Learn more about this ballet below!


King Floristan and his queen are celebrating the christening of their daughter, the Princess Aurora. They have invited fairies to attend, and the fairies bring beautiful gifts to bless Aurora with grace and health. But Catalabutte, the master of ceremonies, forgot to invite Carabosse who interrupts the festivities in a rage at the insult. In her anger, she curses the baby Aurora, that on her 16th birthday she will prick her finger on a spindle and die. The Lilac Fairy quickly intervenes and amends the curse, saying that the princess will not die, but sleep for 100 years until a noble prince finds her and awakens her with a kiss.

Photos provided by Larry Doucet and others

Act I

On the morning of Aurora's 16th birthday, King Floristan finds a group of village women spinning outside the castle and threatens to execute them for endangering his daughter's life, but the merciful Queen intervenes and convinces him to spare them.

Inside the castle, Aurora is introduced to four potential suitors, handsome princes asking for her hand in marriage. She dances with each of them, and with her friends. Then in the midst of the celebrations, a strange old woman appears and offers Aurora a bouquet of flowers. She takes the flowers, only to drop them when she feels something prick her finger. Catalabutte finds a spindle hidden among the flowers and the old woman reveals herself to be Carabosse. She runs away before she can be caught, revelling in her victory.

The King and Queen are distraught as their daughter falls, seemingly lifeless to the ground, but then the Lilac Fairy appears and reminds them of her promise. Aurora is not dead, but only asleep. The princes carry Aurora back to her room and the Lilac Fairy casts a spell on the rest of the court, sending them all into a magical sleep.

Photos provided by Larry Doucet

Act II

One hundred years later, the Lilac Fairy finds Prince Florimund alone in the forest and shows him a vision of the beautiful Princess Aurora. He dances with her and quickly falls in love, but all too soon she vanishes again. He runs to the Lilac Fairy to ask what he must to to rescue his Princess and she takes him to King Floristan's castle.

There, Prince Florimund and the Lilac Fairy fight off the evil forces of Carabosse and make their way inside to find Aurora still fast asleep. Prince Florimund kisses her and everyone awakes as Carabosse's spell is broken.

Photos provided by Larry Doucet


Princess Aurora and Prince Florimund celebrate their wedding. Among the guests are many fairy tale characters, including the Jewels, Puss in Boots and the White Cat, Bluebird and Princess Florine, and Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.

Photos provided by Larry Doucet

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